Living Free From Harm

Most of us would probably like to think of ourselves as being reasonably nice, decent people. But how aware are we really of not only all our actions, but also our thoughts and intentions? Imagine spending one whole day being fully observant of your every movement, word and facial expression. Do you think you might […]

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Is Cow’s Milk Unhealthy?

Most of us will have childhood memories of being told to drink our milk to “grow big and strong” and gave ourselves milky mustaches dreaming of growing 6 foot tall with iron like bones. However, modern dairy farming is out of control and has fast become an area of intense animal cruelty, greed and product […]

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Aubergine Alfalfa Pesto Rolls

This is a super easy, super quick, super food recipe to throw together when you want something warm and tasty in a hurry. All of the ingredients are packed full of vitamins with a low calorie and fat content. Aubergine Pesto Alfalfa Rolls Serves one, simply multiply ingredients as needed. Ingredients 1 Aubergine Rapeseed Oil […]

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Coconut Kale Quinoa Warm salad

I stumbled across the unusual mix of coconut and kale in a Heidi Swanson cookbook and it was so delicious I was inspired to come up with my own version. Nutrition Inspiration Kale – This beautiful dark, green, leafy veg is a great source of Vitamins A, K and C, Cacium, Folic acid and B6.  It’s […]

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