Is Cow’s Milk Unhealthy?

Most of us will have childhood memories of being told to drink our milk to “grow big and strong” and gave ourselves milky mustaches dreaming of growing 6 foot tall with iron like bones. However, modern dairy farming is out of control and has fast become an area of intense animal cruelty, greed and product […]

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Aubergine Alfalfa Pesto Rolls

This is a super easy, super quick, super food recipe to throw together when you want something warm and tasty in a hurry. All of the ingredients are packed full of vitamins with a low calorie and fat content. Aubergine Pesto Alfalfa Rolls Serves one, simply multiply ingredients as needed. Ingredients 1 Aubergine Rapeseed Oil […]

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Coconut Kale Quinoa Warm salad

I stumbled across the unusual mix of coconut and kale in a Heidi Swanson cookbook and it was so delicious I was inspired to come up with my own version. Nutrition Inspiration Kale – This beautiful dark, green, leafy veg is a great source of Vitamins A, K and C, Cacium, Folic acid and B6.  It’s […]

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