Yoga for Rock Climbers

Both yoga and rock climbing encourage a feeling of being connected to yourself at a deeper level, through breathing exercises, the mental focus needed to perform the practice and an affinity towards nature.

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My 7 Year Summer

Seven years ago, the summer solstice arrived a day earlier than usual due to a unique complexity of the leap year calendar. At exactly 11.59pm on the 20th June 2008, the Earth’s axis tilted the North Pole towards the sun, the days of winter drew to a close and summer began to unfold before us. […]

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Yoga in a Modern World

It is true that in recent years the physical development aspect of yoga has become more prominent than the spiritual development aspect, but as this gap grows ever wider, it’s essential that we don’t create an even greater chasm by demonising the journey of others within the yoga community.

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Living Free From Harm

Most of us would probably like to think of ourselves as being reasonably nice, decent people. But how aware are we really of not only all our actions, but also our thoughts and intentions? Imagine spending one whole day being fully observant of your every movement, word and facial expression. Do you think you might […]

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